Soccer Clubs Play Footgolf in Detroit

Soccer Clubs are Playing Footgolf in Detroit at Palmer Park golf course!

A new exciting adventure of footgolf with soccer balls for Detroit golfers, young and old, is added to the front 9 holes at Palmer Park Golf Course in Detroit. The game is played just like regular golf, but with a hole big enough to fit soccer balls, and a separate flag and rules.

The greatest thing about the new Footgolf and soccer club experience, is that it can be played by the whole family with not alot of experience is needed. Just have a soccer ball for each player, and use the same scorecard as the golfers.

The rules are the same as golf by counting strokes and keeping score. Pace for the golfers is the same as the pace for the soccer golf.

Palmer Park and the new Footgolf course is near Dearborn, Bloomfield Hills, Warren, and Berkley. Bring the family for a great new adventure in Footgolf. Soccer balls are available for rent in the pro shop for an additional fee of $5 plus a $15 returnable deposit.